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Tips From Men in Recovery: Review

We hope you've enjoyed reading our series, Tips From Men in Recovery. This post is a review of the articles that have been written. Use the links to look back over the articles. The guest bloggers were able to provide some really great tips for building recovery. Our guest bloggers have done a fantastic job describing helpful tips for men who are involved with pornography or other sexual behaviors. If you haven't picked up on this yet, the message is clear: no, the addiction is not your … [Read More...]


Tips From Men in Recovery: Attitudes

This is another post from Roger Stark, about the attitudes of recovery. Please visit his website WaterfallConcept.org to see his recovery resources including his recovery coaching services, his blog, and his book, The Waterfall Concept: A Blueprint for Addiction Recovery. The Attitudes of Recovery   If you were facing the fact that you were an alcoholic or substance abuser or even struggling with gambling or sexual addictions, you might expect that recovery starts with changing … [Read More...]

Youth Recovery from Sexual Addictions

Tips From Men in Recovery: Wish I’d Known

This guest post was written by Danny, who writes at From Den to Light. Here Danny describes what he wishes he'd have known when he was first beginning recovery.   When the world of recovery first entered our home, it entered through my wife. Something I brought into our marriage, something she didn't ask for. Why wasn't I the one who sought out what was needed to truly heal? Why wasn't I man enough to admit that I needed these things. Why did I get defensive when she tried to explain … [Read More...]


Tips From Men in Recovery: Never Give Up

Our first post in the Tips From Men in Recovery series is from Ben, who keeps a blog at Let Him Heal Your Heart. Ben discusses an essential piece of recovery, never give up! Thanks, Ben! Never Give Up. Never Surrender. My recovery has been a rocky one. I’ve been addicted to masturbation and pornography for the last 14 years, but I’ve really been in recovery only for the past two and a half. I’ve always wished I could be one of those guys who hits rock bottom, starts recovery and never … [Read More...]

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